Creative Statement

I work primarily in the western Wyoming Pleateau and northern Great Basin landscapes near my home in northern Utah. My goal is to create fine art photographs that are the most exciting and highest quality fine art photographs possible that speak a “visual language.” My equipment is chosen for its ability to assist me with reaching this goal. My vision of the landscape and creation is a place where one have a first-hand experience with beauty and magnificence, a place where one can be removed from life’s pressures and stresses, and a place where inspiration and freedom of expression can be found.

The true creative aspect of my work begins after image capture. Adjustments to color, contrast, shadows and highlights are balanced to reflect the emotion experienced at the location where the photograph came to be. Multiple images are routinely collaged into a single images to more accurately reflect the subject and experience at the time of capture. Images may also be “distorted” in attempts to emphasize one or more components of the photograph.

Personal Style Warranty

I guarantee that the images in each of my collections are original work created by myself, in my own personal style, using the best photographic capture and processing techniques at my disposal. I make every effort to approach each subject with my own unique, individual perspective and strive to go beyond simply expressing beauty in the landscape and convey the visual language living within each of the images I create.

Jim Parrish

Avon, UT



I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

— Psalm 121:1